Cambridge is famous for its university, one of the best in the world, and its scientists. It has been home to some of the great thinkers of the last 500 years. It is the town where the atom was first split, the structure of DNA discovered, where Newton developed his theory of gravity and Charles Darwin his theory of evolution,  the electron and neutron were discovered, where Stephen Hawking of black-hole fame used to live and work. 


What to see and do in Cambridge

Cambridge is a pretty, old town, the historic town centre can really only be visited on foot. It is worth visiting because it's small and you can easily walk around it in a day. It escaped the destruction of World War II, unlike many other towns in England, so it has old buildings, and it still has narrow, medieval streets.


Some great suggestions on how to spend time in Cambridge:

  • King's College Chapel (1446) - wonderful gothic architecture with an almost flat ceiling that was the wonder of its day. Famous Rubens painting "Adoration of the Magi" (1634) hangs over the alter.

  • Mathematical Bridge in Queen's College - this was the first bridge to ever be designed and built using mathematical principles.

  • View of the river from King's College bridge or from Garrett Hostel Lane - nice view of Clare fellows garden, Clare Bridge, Trinity Hall, Trinity gardens. 

  • Magdalene Bridge - lovely view of  Magdalene College gardens and good place to sit and take refreshments.

  • Corpus Christi College clock - corner of King's Parade and Benet Street. New, modern design with flashing lights and a mechanical insect crawling over the top. 

  • Go punting in a boat on the river - it's great fun and you get the see the best of Cambridge from the river. 

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