Oxford University's Historic Colleges - what everybody comes here to see, and for a very good reason. The 38 colleges which comprise the University of Oxford are iconic, architecturally diverse and endlessly atmospheric. Nobody is going to visit them all, so it is important to be selective. Some of top favourites include the riverside splendour of Magdalen, the lovely gardens of Worcester and the bold modernism of St Catz

The Ashmolean Museum - the oldest public museum in the UK is also one of the finest. Its collections span everything from ancient Egypt to contemporary China. 

Christ Church Meadow - a beautiful flood-meadow that is so utterly lovely you will scarcely be able to believe it is located in the heart of a city. Good for strolling, picnics, punting, jogging or admiring the University's very own herd of longhorn cattle (which, legend has it, were originally a gift from Bill Clinton). 

Punting is the quintessential Oxford activity, and is also the best way to see many of the city's riverside sights. Pack a picnic, stow away your phone and be prepared to get soggy. 

Radcliffe Square is indisputably the most beautiful public square in the city - and possibly the most beautiful in the whole country.

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