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The coastline of the island is one of the most beautiful parts of Great Britain, with breathtaking views, dramatic sea, cliffs and wild nature. On the other side is the beauty of the coastal towns such as Cowes, Plymouth, Poole and Newlyn.


England is a country of green lush meadows and hills, with lots of sheep and cattle grazing. The beauty of Yorkshire dales, the Fens, the moors has to be witnessed and appreciated, as one of the less usual things for foreign visitors to the UK.


There are a lot of National parks in the United Kingdom - with a variety of scenery, views. 

The Lake District is one of the most famous parks, with beautiful views, blue lakes, great hills and even mountains, and the highest mountain (Scafell Pike) in England. This area is perfect for mountain walkers, those who seek peace and tranquility, want to be physically active and add a wealth of experiences in one more fantastic spot on earth.


There are a lot of famous castles in Great Britain, some of them wonderfully preserved, with the whole complex of buildings and activities, and some - just mysterious ruins.

Some of the castles worth a visit - Dover, Leeds, Corfe, Hever Castle etc.    


There are also numerous events bringing people from all over the world to the UK - the Notting Hill carnival, Chinese New Year, as well as many Royal ceremonies worth attending - Trooping the Colour, Changing of the Guard, the State Opening of Parliament and so on.

England’s villages are often really extremely picturesque, with stone cottages, cobbled streets, brightly coloured facades and thatched roofs. You can find pretty chocolate-box villages in the Cotswolds, tranquil coastal villages in Norfolk or the quintessentially English villages of North Yorkshire: these and many more attract a lot of tourists from both the UK and the world to admire and enjoy the Englishness of the views around them.

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